From Self-Doubt to Influence: A Christian Coach's Guide to Believing in Yourself

self doubt

Reflecting on my journey, I've come to understand that believing in oneself is a process rather than an instant realization. In December of 2018, when I made the decision to launch my business, I had confidence in my offerings. However, when the time came for me to personally step up and deliver, doubts and panic crept in.

I vividly remember questioning my abilities and imagining disappointment on the faces of my future clients. Looking back, I wish I could have shared some insights with my younger self. That's why we are here today—I want to talk to you about HOW TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AS A COACH.

You might be wondering, is it possible to believe in yourself even if you're "not a confident person"? 

Well, I teach coaches one thing that can significantly impact not only how they see themselves but also how they are perceived by others: The Art of Influence—Your identity.

Here are 4 actionable steps to overcome self doubt and enhance your self-belief:

  1. Letting Go of Old Stories:

Our past experiences and influences can create self-doubt. Recognize that shedding old narratives and embracing a more empowered identity is a continual process.

  1. Faith and Action: 

Just as Jesus spoke of faith moving mountains, we don't need perfection. Start with a mustard seed of faith in yourself and your abilities as a coach.

  1. Bring It to God:

Pray for confidence and courage in your coaching journey. Ask God to help you see yourself as He sees you. And then surrender to Him.

  1. Change your Soundtracks: 

Write empowering "I am" statements and read them daily. This simple practice can shift your mindset and strengthen your identity.

  1. Surround Yourself with Encouragement: 

Seek out positive influences. Connect with people who believe in your potential and speak life into your dreams.

Many coaches struggle with confidence, business building, and sales growth. If you're facing challenges in any of these areas, I'm here to tell you that believing in yourself is possible. Check out this podcast episode; it will help you overcome any negative perceptions you have of yourself.

Remember, progress is key. It's about turning the dial and taking small, meaningful steps toward a stronger, more confident you. You're already taking a great step by reading this blog post and seeking growth.

I believe in you. Your dedication to coaching, faith, and personal growth is inspiring. Keep believing in yourself, for you have the capacity to make a significant impact through your coaching journey.