Handling Objections on a Sales Call


Last week, we embarked on a transformative journey with many of you at our inaugural Quarterly Workshop within the Christian Coaches Academy Community.

The session was nothing short of inspiring. Witnessing the dedication and enthusiasm of our members as they mapped out their paths to their BEST YEAR yet—both personally and professionally—was truly uplifting. If you were able to join us, I'd love to hear about your top three takeaways or any 'AHAs!' that resonated with you.

For those who couldn't make it this time. I got you! We're sharing the recorded sessions in our Members Facebook group. If you join us today,  you will benefit from the valuable insights and strategies discussed. Plus, mark your calendars, because we're committed to hosting these workshops quarterly for ongoing support and accountability.

Now, let's dive into a topic that's essential for every coach: handling objections on a sales call. 

I want to share some golden nuggets that have transformed my approach to objections and sales.

When handling objections:

1. Expect the Unexpected:

When objections pop up, don't panic! See them as part of the journey, not roadblocks. The key? Expect them, embrace them, and watch how your mindset transforms.

2. Stay Grounded in Confidence:

Before any call, ground yourself in confidence, faith, and trust. You've got everything you need, and objections are just bumps along the road to success.

3. Validate, Validate, Validate:

When objections hit, validate them! Show your prospect you understand their concerns. It's not about brushing them off—it's about building trust and connection.

4. Respond with Calm and Curiosity:

Take a breath, stay calm, and respond with genuine curiosity. Ask questions, seek understanding, and watch how objections turn into opportunities.

5. Infuse Your Responses with Love:

Be bold when needed, but always come from a place of understanding and empathy. Your prospects will feel the difference.

6. Seek Truth, Acceptance, and Closure:

Your goal? Seek truth and help your prospect make the best decision for themselves. Sometimes, that means walking away—and that's okay. Trust that God will open the right doors for you. 

7. Embrace Objections as Opportunities:

Every objection is an opportunity for growth and connection. Approach them with grace, patience, and a genuine desire to serve. You're making a difference, one objection at a time!

Remember, coaches, you've got what it takes to master objections. You are equipped, you are called, and you are making a difference.

If you have any questions on handling objections, don't hesitate to reach out. 

Wishing you a week filled with blessings and abundance!