Helping Your Prospects Commit During Your Sales Calls

A group of four individuals, engaged in a discussion about the 10-step sales process commitment.


In our F2I’s sales process, it's the ninth step that sets the stage for making an offer and inviting our prospects to join us on this transformative journey. 

In every sales call, after a thorough exploration of your prospect's present reality and their vision for the future, it's time to uncover the biggest challenge that stands in their way.

In potential futures, we will ask questions to help them visualize their potential transformation—what life could be like once they overcome this challenge.

Now, here's the pivotal moment. Ask your prospect…

  • The Commitment Question:

"How committed are you to solving this problem?" 

This step is crucial, ensuring you're only working with individuals who are genuinely ready for change.

  • Express Confidence: If your potential client is committed to solving their problem, share your authentic confidence like this:

"Awesome! If you're really committed, I'm really confident that I can help.”

  • Consent to Sell: This is the green light:

"Are you ready to hear how I work with my clients?"

Remember, you can only help someone who is committed to solving their problem. 

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