Learn to Sell Like You Mean It


I’m absolutely buzzing as I type this message to you!

We’ve officially launched the Christian Coaches Academy Live conference, and let me tell you, I’ve been eagerly waiting to share this with you.

I’m excited for TWO big reasons…

 Reason #1: Remember the Christian Coaches Academy (CCA) membership we launched 4 months ago? 

Well, the feedback has been amazing! Building this community, helping Christian entrepreneurs connect, and facilitating meaningful conversations have been incredibly uplifting. And now, we have decided to take it to the next level with our CCALIVE conference

Trust me, what we have in store for you will blow your mind! Even if you haven’t launched your business (yet) come join us! I want to show you what’s possible when you connect and network with the right people.

NOTE: For those of you wondering if you can be a SPONSOR at the conference and get in front of the right Christian Coaches Audience… the answer is YES! Set up a call with me and let’s explore sponsorship opportunities for you.

Reason #2: This year, I’m on a mission to make this conference the biggest one in Faith2Influence history so far. I want every one of you to be there, and I'm not just going to deliver my best content and value; I'm also planning something cool... I'm raffling off $1000 USD in cash during the event!

Now, let’s dive into something that will explain what I just did above ⬆️I’m talking about selling like you mean it. 

 Here is an interesting truth → When you sell like you mean it, you are reflecting your belief in: 

The service you offer

Your passion for your work

Your genuine care for your clients and prospects

 Holding back only means denying others the chance to benefit from your coaching and achieve their goals.

So, here’s my real invitation: Decide today to sell like you mean it. Approach every interaction with boldness, knowing that you have something truly valuable to offer.