PLACEMENT: Passive Prospecting Strategy

Welcome back to our series on passive prospecting! Today, I’m diving into another essential strategy: PLACEMENT.

This PLACEMENT idea is simple → If you want easy deals, you need to be in the right environments to build the right relationships and create an ideal flow for your business.

A couple of years ago, I was part of an entrepreneur's prayer group, where I showed up on a weekly prayer call with other entrepreneurs in the Christian coaching space who were doing really BIG things.

Honestly, I was probably the newest and least successful entrepreneur in that group, but that didn’t stop several of the other members from hiring me and Faith2Influence to do sales for them at their big events, including leaders like Pete Vargas, Pedro Adao, Ray Edwards, Nick Unsworth, and Jon Acuff.

Could you imagine how I felt with all these new opportunities for my business? I took the step to open one door, to networking and prayer, and God opened so many more after that.

The truth is that once you start building relationships with the right people, those relationships will snowball into others and you’ll gain more momentum in your business.

Most people prefer to do business with people that they know or that they've been personally introduced to by someone they trust.

Do you see why being in the right place is so important?

I’d like to give you five ideas on how you can leverage strategic placement to attract more clients effortlessly for your business:

  1. Attend Targeted Events: Look for events where your ideal clients are likely to be present. Whether it's industry conferences, networking meetups, or niche-specific workshops, being in these spaces can open doors to valuable connections and collaborations.  
  2. Join Relevant Communities: Engage with online communities or forums where your target audience hangs out. Participate in discussions, offer valuable insights, and build relationships organically. These communities can serve as a goldmine for referrals and potential clients.  
  3. Seek Speaking Opportunities: Offer to speak at events, webinars, or podcasts that cater to your target market. Sharing your expertise not only positions you as a thought leader but also helps you connect with a wider audience and attract potential clients.  
  4. Invest in Masterminds/Memberships: Consider joining mastermind groups or membership programs where you can network with like-minded individuals and industry experts. These environments foster growth, accountability, and often lead to valuable referrals and partnerships.  
  5. Host Your Own Events: Organize workshops, seminars, retreats, or online summits tailored to your niche. Hosting your own events not only showcases your expertise but also attracts your ideal clients who resonate with your message and approach.

The next question is, where can you find a community of Christian Coaches/Entrepreneurs/Authors/Speakers who really want to network and support each other?

If you’re looking for that, you may be looking in the right PLACE.

On January 10th, I launched a community of Christian Coaches/Entrepreneurs for networking and prayer. Some people have told me that it's crazy to be part of a community where the main purpose is to get to know each other and meet great new people. But what they don’t know is that meeting people who align with your values, vision, and mission, who are also inspired by God, has ripples of impact not only for your life but also for your business.

Now we have over 90 CCA Members. 

I'd love for you to join us!

Sign up here to learn more.

It’s time to start putting yourself in the right places and spending time with the right people. 

There are already folks taking this seriously, and I'm excited for you to join them!

You can still join and start connecting with the right people by clicking here.

But remember… strategic placement isn't just about being in the right place at the right time; it's also about actively engaging and building relationships within those spaces. By immersing yourself in environments where your ideal clients/partners gather, you'll naturally attract more opportunities for your coaching business.