POINT: Passive Prospecting Strategy

passive prospecting

A few people reached out asking for more insights on passive prospective strategies.

So, I figured I’d add some links here for those who want to learn more:

  • Preparation: Building essential skills and character traits over time to become referable. 
  • Plenty: Recognizing abundance and giving generously of ourselves. Learn more here. 
  • Prayer: Bringing God into our business and asking specifically for what we want. 
  • Passion: Doing what we love and sharing it with enthusiasm. 
  • Placement: Being in the right environments and communities to connect with ideal relationships.

Feel free to take some time to explore these strategies and determine your plan of action. The best part? They're all completely free trainings! Simply click on the links and spend some time learning how to implement for your business.

Before you check those out, let’s go through the final P of passive prospecting → POINT

It's all about getting to the point of what you do with clarity and simplicity. If your potential clients are confused about your coaching services, it's challenging for them to hire you or refer others to you. That's where a clear mission statement comes in.

Remember, business will never find you easily if what you do is lacking clarity. Your mission statement should succinctly communicate who you work with, what you do for them, and why it matters. For example, "I help Christian coaches optimize their business models, pricing, and sales strategies so they can scale their income and impact."

Here are four quick tricks to gain more clarity for your coaching business:

1.  Have clarity on [WHO] you work with:

Narrow down your audience to build confidence in sharing your offer.

For my business, the “Christian coach” piece is succinct and to the point, making it easy for my audience to understand.

2. Have clarity on [WHAT] you do for your clients:

Make it easy for the right people to say YES by communicating what you help them achieve. 

“I help my clients optimize their business models, pricing, and sales strategies”

It’s very clear when speaking to my audience that they have clear challenges that I'm going to help them solve. 

3. Have clarity on [WHY] it matters:

Define the transformation your clients will experience from working with you.

Why should they buy from you? What’s the transformation they are going to experience? 

I help my clients so that they can scale their income and impact. That simple!

4. Find your POINT: What's the point of your mission statement? If you could boil your work down to a single word that was memorable, what would yours be?

My point is Sales. When people think of sales, I want them to think of me.

Now, it's your turn… if people were going to know your coaching business for ONE word or a single phrase, what would it be?

Think about it…

To make these first three steps very easy, we’ve created a proven challenge to help you get very clear on this. And eventually, you’ll get to the POINT if you do it right.

Things will be changing soon as we aim to offer more support for those looking to implement and take action this year. Stay tuned for updates!

Ready to find your POINT? This is the link you need → click here.