Sales is love

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Woman is showing graph of sales perspective that empower financial lives to love sales, that sales business feels good whether people buy or not, sales with her is service, sales with her is love in a radical journey.

  Today, let's dive deep into an unusual idea that I deeply believe… When done right, Sales is Love.

I understand that many of us carry disempowering stories about sales, often associating it with pushiness, manipulation, or sleaze. It’s time to change our stories!


  • Empowering Tips to Transform Your Perspective on Sales
  • A Special Gift to Elevate Your Sales Process

Tips to Change Your Old Stories Around Sales

If you're grappling with old stories about sales, here are some practical tips on how to change them…

1. Gain Awareness of Your Old Stories:

Take a moment to write those old stories down on paper—sales is manipulation. Sales is greed. Sales is pushy. Etc.

2. Cancel the Old Story:

Draw a line straight through the old story. Write “NOT TRUE!” next to it.

3. Write the new empowering story:

Recognize that whatever sales has been in someone else’s hands, isn’t what it has to be in your hands. Complete this sentence, “Sales with ME is…”. Sales with me is coaching with an invitation at the end. Sales with me is fun. Sales with me is generous. Sales with me helps people get more of what they want or become more of who God created them to become. Sales with me feels good, whether people buy or not. Sales with me is loving. Sales with me is service. Etc.

4. Read the new stories daily until you have a new soundtrack:

You can literally reprogram your mind with consistent and intentional effort. These stories are critically important to your success (or lack thereof) 

* Additional thoughts/reminders*

Infuse love into every step of your sales process. From the initial conversation to the final invitation, let love be the driving force. It should feel good for both you and the prospect, whether they decide to buy or not.

Your role is to make it easy for the right people to say YES. It's not about convincing or forcing—it's about inviting. Create a space where your prospect can make the best decision for themselves.

Get Your FREE Copy:

Excited to keep the momentum going! As promised, here's a special gift to supercharge your coaching business: a FREE copy of our 10-Step Sales Process for Christian Coaches.

What’s next?

Join the Conversation: I invite you to reflect on your sales journey. What does sales mean to you? How can you infuse love into each interaction? Share your thoughts in our Sales Strategies for Christian Coaches Community—it's a space for us to support each other.

You can also listen to our podcast episode "Sales is love".

Looking forward to connecting more and supporting you on this incredible journey!