Your Target Audience and Mission Statement

Man is showing how to find target customer and on how to identify your target audience through crafting a mission statement

 Ever wondered about the magic behind a compelling mission statement? The kind that not only resonates but propels your coaching practice to new heights? Well, you're in for a treat!

Today, we're diving deep into a topic close to every coach's heart – Your Mission Statement. 

Here’s what I need you to do RIGHT NOW if you’d like to gain more clarity on your mission:

Step 1: Define Your Ideal Client

  • Be Specific: Dive into your niche. Specificity attracts, and it helps you stand out. Don't be afraid to narrow it down.
  • Identify Your Audience: Your ideal clients should resonate with you. You should be relatable (having dealt with the same fears and challenges they are dealing with now) and a few steps ahead (having conquered some of those challenges).

Step 2: Craft Your Coaching Offer

  • Great, Love, Need: Your coaching focus should be found at the intersection of something you're great at, love doing, and your audience genuinely needs. That’s your sweet spot.
  • Financial Viability: Ensure your offer aligns with your audience's needs and is financially viable. It's not just about impact; it's about sustaining your passion.

Step 3: Uncover the Impact - Why You Do What You Do

  • Purposeful Impact: Define the impact of your coaching business. What transformation will your clients experience? This is the soul of your mission.

Crafting Your Mission Statement should look like: I help __ do __ so that ___. 

My mission statement: "I help Christian coaches optimize their business model, pricing, and sales strategies so that they can scale their income and their impact."

Now it’s your turn… What's YOUR mission statement? Start sharing your mission with the world. Let's keep this really conversational and easy. When you get this right, everything else in your business becomes more aligned and easier.